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Do you want to become a Lamimaker?

Maybe you are already providing Lash Lift or Lash Lamination procedures but you want to know more, you want to be better and achieve better, uniform curvature, you do procedure and do not apply products to the tops of lashes but still the tops come out curve? 
You are wondering why some lashes are more curve than others. 
You don’t know why sometimes client goes home and after washing lashes go back straight. 
You want to know how to set correct exposure time for each client individually. You do not know how to choose the right silicone patch to achieve beautiful results. 
You want to know how to do lamination/lash Lift for men.
You want to know what is the right room temperature and what to do if it is higher or lower. 
You do not know what is pH level and why is it important. 
You want to know more detailed about the whole procedure?

Why to choose us for Lamimaker or Lash Botox educators?

We have experience of Lash Lift/Lash Lamination since 2014.

We have a massive training baggage from abroad with internationally well-known judges and Championships winners. We consider our development very important! 
We have newest techniques and knowledge of Lamimakers.

We have great feedbacks from students.

We have our secret group, where we share all our problems and worries daily basis and we support our students every day with their worries and questions.

Trainings are up to 10 people groups, as in this case 2 educators can give maximum information and knowledge to students.

For more information contact us lashoticasalon@gmail.com
+372 53486446

Host us in your city and we will tell you all about Lamimakers 🙂

See you soon!