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Brow Lamination rules…


Please don’t try to save with Brow Lamination trainings and be very sure what you are doing – we work with chemistry👆🏻⚗🧪

We arr receiving and seeing more and more feedback on very bad results and more than crazy results 12h after procedure!
❗Number 1 rule – hair must not be ❌ glued TO THE SKIN! ‼
❗Number 2 rule – ❌Do not comb hairs upwards! ‼
❗Number 3 rule – ANY products MUST NOT have a connection with THE SKIN❌

Etc …

Please lets do the beauty❤

👆🏻PS! Please do not take it personally but the situation is more than worrying! This must not be the result of lamination of the eyebrows! Please take this procedure VERY SERIOUSLY – we work with chemistry on the human face!

Every day, more and more worrying results are sent to us. Please don’t do this anymore! Chemical burns on a human face are not fun for you or your client any less! 💔

If you are not sure what to do and you feel the training is inadequate, please come and join our trainings 🤲🏻🙏🏻

Your Lashotica Salon

If you want to get trained by accredited trainer, please write to us info@lashotica.ee
We have done this procedure since 2015 and started to train only since 2017 after passing trainers exam!