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Did you know? Melanin…

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Did you know that our lashes, as well hair colour is strictly connected with pigment – melanin (Latin Melaninum) ?

Normally the amount of melanin in our body during our life doesnt change but some illnesses or mutations can decrease it.
The color of the hair is determined by a specific pigment-melanin, which is produced in the cells of the hair follicles (hair follicle, part of the dermis that develops hair). Melanin is a mixture of two different types – eumelanin and pheomelanin. Melanin occurs in the form of black-brown and reddish-yellow. If the hair contains mainly black-brown, then the hair is either black, brown or blonde. Hair with a reddish-yellow form is red. When the hair follicle cells are no longer producing pigment, gray hair begins to grow (the hair follicles that reflect light and thus appear gray). As new bulbs begin to work slower than old ones, people gradually become bald.

Hair can be damaged by strong sunlight, air pollution, malnutrition, chemical exposure (chemical curls and coloring), improper care. The outer layer of the hair (cuticle) may become damaged and split at the ends of the hair.

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