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Lash serums, are they really that harmless?

🇪🇺🇬🇧Lash serums – are they really that harmless?

⚠️In fact they are dangerous⚠️ because they irritate hair follicle!

Quite often there are side effects as : nervous system disorder, headache, burning eyes, decreased visual acuity, visual disturbances, red eyes, red skin around the eyes and other side effects.

👆🏻Another side effect : increased iris pigmentation (turns brown) – unfortunately permanently.

Serums have🦀 cancer effect – when finishing usage, lashes go back very fast as they were and maybe even worse.
👆🏻Eyelashes grow empty because they do not have time to form normally – eyelashes are depicted, ugly, lifeless.

To protect and care for your health, it is important to take care of your health and to preserve the aesthetic appearance of eyelashes – choose eyelash Home Care Serums that 💦moisturize, nourish and protect them from the negative effects of the environment.

Marketing has a Huge Power 😊
Well-known name does not always mean good quality or healthy choice of a product.
To make sure the product is good – always read the composition of the product and be careful when choosing it.

Be aware, healthy and love yourself❤