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4 in 1 (2-Days) Advanced training “Lamimaker 2.0”
The training you have never seen before🆕️

🆕️🔝4 in1 (2-days) advance training include:
💎Lash keratin lamination;
💎Lash Lift;
💎Lash Tint;
💎Lash Botox
All nuances, secrets, tips & tricks🧙‍♀️, effectiveness etc.

Lashotica Salon (hereafter: School) organizes non-formal and professional education referred to adults.
Estonian Education Information System, Economic Activity Report (Act) Number 209138.
Syllabus Title: 4in1 Lash Lift / Lash & Brow Keratin Lamination / Lash Botox / Lash Tint “Lamimaker 2.0” Advanced Training for Masters.
Syllabus group: hairdressing and beauty care
Objective: To provide theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for Lash Lift/ Lash and Brow keratin lamination/ Lash Botox / Lash Tint techniques.

Target audience: anyone who starts work or is already working in the beauty industry and wants to acquire Lash Lift / Lash & Brow Keratin Lamination / Lash Botox / Lash Tint techniques for giving the curvature of eyelashes and eyebrow, for theoretical and strong practical needs for pigmenting, restoration knowledge and skills.

Conditions for Starting Learning: If student also wants to learn eyebrow lamination, then student must have completed an eyebrow modeling course.
Please provide the school your certificate / diploma / certificate and (5 pieces) pictures of successful work.
If student does not have work capacity, skills, a diploma of brow training, this training can be completed as a complex training course. (see under trainings).

Trainers qualification:
** A little bit about our trainee 👩‍🏫🇪🇪Raili:
2013 Training of eyelash extensions;
The experience of chemical treatments for lashes begins in 2014;
2014 Icurl Training;
2015 Yumi Lashes Training;
2016 3D brows training;
2016 eyebrow extensions;
2016 Lami Lashes & Lash Botox Training;
2017 Successful completion of the Trainer Professional Standard Exam;
2017 3D Filler Training;
2017 Comprehensive Hygiene Training;
2018 “Perfect Eyebrows” training;
2018 “Lamination 2.0” with Maria Ravinskaya;
2018 “Lash Maker” 2-Day Training with Tatjana Puhova
Raili has years of experience as an internationally 🎖certified / 🏅accredited 👩‍💻professional “Lamimaker” and “Eyelash & Eyebrow Keratin Lamination + Lash Botox”👩‍🏫 trainer, Practicing Master and My Lamination products distributor

We are masters, who are using every opportunity to get know more and more about nuances, secrets – more additional knowledge, ie how to perform the procedure more efficiently, how to be better, how to do customer analyzes and of course we always bring to you the newest trends, techniques etc .
By today Raili has passed numerous trainings and additional trainings at various teachers, speakers, judges and has trained her self hundreds of students.

1st day 09:30 – 17:30
Theory (6AC) 9:30-13:00

After passing the advanced training the students will have deep knowledge📚of:

– eyes and eyelashes anatomy
– skin construction
– eyelashes construction
– eyelashes bridges and bonds
– growth phases
– keratin and its importance in our lives and for our physical well-being
– client anaysis
– fixing beautiful curvature
– lamimaker 10 golden rules
– temperatures
– how to achieve homogenous curl
– SME (Shape Memory Effect)
– chemical composition of eyelash
– technology of eyelash lamination
– differences between lash lamination & chemical curling
– what is Lash Botox, different Lash Botox, what makes them differ

👆In addition:
– stages of procedure, how often is allowed to do procedure, how to choose the silicon pads and how to do procedure more efficiently
– eyelash tinting
– right cleaning during and after the procedure
– how to fasten beautiful curl
– “reverse” procedure, correction of mistakes
– hygiene
– instruments and tools disinfection and sterilisation
– keeping work space tidy
– products overview
– home aftercare

13:00-14:00 LUNCH
Practical Work 14:00 -17: 00 Trainer Demonstration Model (4 AC)
17: 00-17: 30 Questions

Day 2 PRACTICE 9:30 – 17:30 (11 AC)
PS❗ models have to pay 30 € at the training and models have to be at the training on the second day at 09:30 and 14:00 o’clock
PS! We will help finding models for extra money (10 euros)

On the second day of the training, students’ knowledge, including practical work, is checked verbally and practically – independent exam works on models that are assessed by the trainer.

For successful completion of the training is the obligation of independently perform the Lash Lift/Lash & Brow Keratin Lamination/ Lash Botox / Lash Tint procedures on the models and to pass the theory test verbally on result – PASS

Upon completion of the training, the students have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to independently carry out the Lash Lift / Keratin Lamination / Lash Botox / Lash Tint technique and:
a) Perform customer analysis successfully
b) to evaluate the lashes correctly and not to over process them
c) Perform the Lash Lift / Keratin Lamination / Lash Botox / Lash Tint procedures successfully
d) Nourish and moisturize (lash and eyebrow) hair with Lash Botox
e) Efficiently conducting with Lash Lift / Lash Keratin Lamination / Lash Botox but also without eyelash chemical coloring, ie Lash Tint
(f) advise the client on the care of eyelashes and eyebrows (after).

Documents to be issued: The student who has acquired the learning outcomes and who has passed the assessment will receive a certificate in English.
Those who did not participate in the assessment or who did not receive the assessment will be issued a document of participation in the training and of the topics covered.

👉 Thorough training lasts 2 DAYS 9:30-17:30 (can take longer) both days and like this TWO FULL 💥 GREAT and 💣active days of📚 knowledge and 🎓practice.

Theory part will be followed by demonstration on model by educator and second day will be practice on👆 2 models👆.

In terms of practice, the educator Raili shows to you how to work with different eye types, -shapes and how to make the curl better according to the customer’s eye shape, how and where to place the silicone pad correctly, how to get a beautiful, homogeneous and smooth curl, how to work through the inner and outer corners, where and how to place the product properly, how to assess the timing according to the lashes of the clients, that means that how to assess times according to how the lashes suck products in or vice verca.

Practice takes place with the trainee by your side, sharing tips & tricks, and suggestions on how to perform the procedure better. If necessary, educators will makes corrections.

Base knowledge is needed to attend to this training.
🍒🏅🎖certificate, 🔢2 days,👩‍🏫1 educator, 👱‍♀️👱‍♀️2 models (practice) = great profession 😍
Certificate of successful completion of training will be issued in🇬🇧 English.
We are My Lamination distributors in Estonia and Finland.
High quality products are used at the training.

Training without startkit costs 310 €

💎Start kit S includes:
S, M and L silicone pads;
No 1- Lifting cream, 3 saches, 1.5ml;
No 2- Neutralizing cream, 3 saches, 1.5ml;
No 3- Hydrating cream, 3 saches, 1.5ml;
Lash Botox.
PS! About 30+ procedures can be performed from this kit, according to your skill to use the product and keep it properly.
Startkit S with 2 days training costs 370 € (includes starter kit S) *

💎Startkit M includes:
S, M, M1, M2, L silicon pads;
No 1- Lifting cream, 5 saches, 1,5ml
No 2- Neutralizing cream, 5 saches, 1,5ml;
No 3- Hydrating cream, 5 saches, 1,5ml;
Gelpads (5);
Lash Botox
2 days training with start kit M (incl) costs 410 €

💎Startkit L incl:
S, M, M1, M2, L silicon pads;
No 1- Lifting cream, 10 saches, 1,5ml;
No 2- Neutralizing cream, 10 saches, 1,5ml;
No 3- Hydrating cream, 10 saches, 1,5ml;
Gelpads (10);
Lash Botox
2 days training with start kit L (incl) costs 479€

More efficient use of the products and all different tips will be told at the training.

For more information, please contact us at www.lashotica.ee or our Facebook page Lashotica Salon
Please pre-register your self to the training as we have limited number of students:
by email: info@lashotica.ee
by phone: +372 53486446 or

See you soon